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Multi International Award Winning Tattoo Studio
Studio Ink, 21 Market Place, Westbury, Wiltshire BA13 3DG
Phone: 01373 825223

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Modern Tattoo Studio

We have a very relaxed atmosphere at Studio Ink. Our artists all use the most up-to-date equipment available to them to ensure that each and every customer receives the best treatment possible.

Custom Tattoo Designs

Our artists will spend time with you to realise your ideas and create your custom tattoo. Each tattoo is individual to the client, we will never do the same one twice.

Various Styles

Each of our artists specialise in different styles of tattooing but between the team we have everything covered, take a look at the artists bio’s to see what they specialise in.

Cover Up / Touch Up

We have a strong portfolio of successfully covered tattoos and ‘fixes’. Our artists will tell you honestly what will and will not work as a cover up tattoo. We will always provide you with the best advice that we can.

Tattoo Aftercare

We will provide you with our aftercare advice, giving you the advice that we have trailed and tested to make sure we always have got the most current and up to date information. We have multiple aftercare products available to purchase, and will advise you on which will work best for you.


To book an appointment with us please visit us at the studio. Bring with you images of your tattoo idea, this way we can provide you with more information regarding sizes, price, dates available and give you any advice you need. Alternatively you can either use the online appointments form, send us a message via Facebook, or, give us a call

Our Studio

Our History

Studio Ink Tattoo Parlour was founded by Tattooist and Artist Marc Nutley in 2009 in the picturesc market town of Westbury, Wiltshire. During the busy 7 years the team have travelled round the world working at various conventions, entering and winning multiple awards for their work along the way. The artists are always learning and training in new skills and techniques to stay up to date.

How We Work

At Studio Ink Tattoo parlour we provide high quality bespoke custom tattoos. Each and every tattoo that we create is unique and tailored to the client. Our artists specialise in different styles of tattoo, from Realism to traditional, all to the highest of quality. We provide the best advice that we can when it comes to your design, from placement to style. We ensure each and every client has a personal consultation to allow us to fully bring your tattoo ideas to life.

Our Artists


Japanese and Old School Tattoos
Marc has been tattooing since 2009, he has worked over 30 conventions and has had features and articles across many Tattoo magazines and trade publications. He has a particular interest in the history of tattooing and old school techniques. Marc specialises in all styles of tattoo, however his preferred style is realism in colour and black and grey, oriental, and prefers to work with larger scale custom pieces.


Modern Tattoos
Since joining the studio ink team in 2014 Matt has developed his techniques to specialise in colour, new school and black and grey. He has created his own ‘marker pen’ style and creates incredible tattoos. Matt has won multiple awards including best of show and new school. Check out his portfolio of colourful bespoke tattoos.


Modern Tattoos
Mike started tattooing in 2010 and joined the studio ink team in 2016. Mike specialises in black and grey, traditional, colour and ornamental (E.G dotwork, mandalas). Mike has a strong portfolio of cover up and ‘touch up / fixing’ tattoos, check out his portfolio online or pop in the studio for a consultation.


Black Work
Lee is the studios most recent apprentice, starting his journey in 2009 as the client, he has started to learn the skills and techniques to train to become an artist. Lee is now taking on appointments for small (palm sized) black and illustrative tattoos.
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